The Voice of Generation Y
For Millennials. By Millennials.

Elite Daily is the premier platform for and by Millennials, the leading source of lifestyle, dating, trends and entertainment content for the future leaders of our generation.

Delivering content specifically for Generation-Y by talented media professionals of the same demographic, Elite Daily creates editorial and social content that goes viral, generating 6.1 million social engagements per month and 93 million monthly Facebook views.[1]

The Elite Daily video department encapsulates the spirit of the Millennial generation through cinematic storytelling. This includes in-depth documentaries, scripted short films and entertaining commentary on the issues that our generation faces today, generating an average of 69 million monthly video views across multiple platforms. [2]

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[1] Facebook Insights & Youtube Analytics video views FB & Youtube, Nov 16 Facebook Insights for posts Nov 16

[2] Internal, multiplatform video metrics Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Elite Daily player, Oct 2016 – Jan 2017

A Loyal Audience

24M unique readers per month

71% composition of A18-34

245 comp. Index A18-34

Source: comScore Media Metrix, Nov 16

Elite Daily captures the spirit of our generation. Its inventive, relatable angles and storylines elicit emotions and reactions like nobody else – on all the issues this generation cares about today.

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Master Story Tellers

120 Original Videos Across All Platforms Per Month

165% YoY Growth In Video Views

500k Average Branded Video Views

3.5M Social Engagements Per Month