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The leading mid-market daily newspaper in the UK.

Established in 1896, it is hugely influential and an integral force in the British cultural and political landscape.  It is edited by Fleet Street’s longest-serving editor, Paul Dacre.

In touch with the hearts and minds of ‘Middle England’, it reflects the concerns, hopes and lifestyle of this powerful audience that forms the economic backbone of Britain, with the power to make or break brands.

With a proud tradition of editorial integrity and campaigning journalism, the Daily Mail is a trusted news brand and a consistent market leader, with 3.3m readers.[1]

[1] AIR Mon – Sat, NRS PADD, Jan 16 – Dec 16

The Daily Mail has 3.4 million daily readers.

That’s twice as many active Uber riders in London.

Sources: NRS

Scottish Daily Mail

A separate title written and published in Scotland and for Scotland, this popular daily newspaper covers news, sport and lifestyle. For enquiries about advertising in the Scottish Daily Mail please email

For information on the Irish Daily Mail please visit our sister site